Why is your online service better with a policy driven AnswerX? Because the subscriber's view of your service starts with great DNS.
With the AnswerX DNS policy engine, your online experience is safer, more secure and faster. AnswerX operates at millions of transactions per second on standard unix handware while delivering the industry's best in class total cost of ownership. The policy driven AnswerX is smart, dynamic, secure, fast and proven with more than a trillion DNS requests and responses per week. Whether a wireless or wireline network, AnswerX speeds each request and response with patented smart cache technology and according to DNS policy and subscriber preferences.
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Smart, Subscriber-aware, Preference Driven
AnswerX applications are uniquely subscriber-aware and process DNS requests according to user preferences and network policies. At high-speed, the system processes each request and responds according to the network's policy and any subscriber preferences such as self-care defined websites to block on a particular network connection. Policies and preference settings are dynamic and affect DNS processing dynamically and on-the-fly without system restarts.

Dynamic Policy Control
Policy Controls can come from central configuration points or automatically from the core engine via a feedback loop. Each node in the system shares data with other nodes so that the system learns as a whole. Responses are also dynamic. Two cache layers ready responses for a majority of the inbound recursive traffic. The system collaboratively manages caches across a wide area with a many-by-many meshed network.

Secure Resiliency and Protection
Our technology protects the DNS infrastructure. The dynamic policy engine mitigates phishing and malware attempts for users and knocks-down amplification attacks that steal capacity from the broader community. The real-time rate limiter continually governs an appropriate allocation of capacity to legitimate users away from unwanted systems.

Fast Throughput
The key to our leading total cost of ownership is speed. The system manages trillions of transactions each week applying subscriber preferences and dynamic policy to each incoming request and outgoing response.

Useful Analytics
With trillions of queries processed in DNS comes the opportunity to answer Big Data questions that can make networks more secure. The AnswerX platform features two Big Data resources. First is a TopN query engine that allows network operators to ask who and where the top N destinations are for a given time period. Second is an operational and monetization dashboard that allows business, marketing, finance and operations team to see the metrics that define the health of the DNS platform.

Cloud Services
Xerocole provides 24 by 7, service provider brand able cloud services that augment Answer X software running in the carrier network to deliver great time to market with turn key solutions. Whether the administrative portal for Name Controls, Landing Page for Search Guide or a walled garden for network notifications, our Cloud Services peer with backbone networks for 100% uptime and speed.